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4ithumbsStar Star Star Star Star 
Company: 4ithumbs
Review Date: Dec 07, 2009
Launch Date: Dec 07, 2009
I have to admit that I was skeptical about the 4iPhones keypad even though it seemed like a good idea. Awesome as the iPhone is, the keypad is not at all easy to use so I figured the 4iPhones was at least worth a shot. And you know what? I’m actually happy with it! It’s easy to align and the instructions really were foolproof. It’s not intrusive and bulky at all like some of those add-on keyboards that people have been coming out with. It sits right over the keys and stays in place ... read more
iTwinge ReviewStar Star Star Star Star 
Company: Mobile Mechatronics
Review Date: Nov 11, 2009
Launch Date: Nov 11, 2009
I've read all kinds of things about the iTwinge and will resist then urge to use the not so original reference that others keep using in their reviews about how the iTwinge "should be called the i-Cringe". To be honest, as a fan of the good old tactile keyboard and not a fan of the multi-touch keyboard of the iPhone, I think that the idea behind the iTwinge is actually a really great one. Typing on the iPhone's flat, glass keyboard that isn't even really a keyboard is not easy! I miss being able to feel what I'm ... read more
Pogo StylusStar Star Star Star Star 
Company: Ten One Design
Review Date: Nov 08, 2009
Launch Date: Nov 08, 2009
With the iPhone's multi touch keyboard proving to be not very user friendly after all it's not surprising that products have come out to remedy those issues, like the Pogo Stylus for instance. Personally, I think the idea of a stylus is great when you comnsider the fact that the average person's fingers are too big for the iPhone's virtual keys. Then there's also the fact that girls with long finger nails are finding it impossible to type at all on this thing, let alone quickly and accurately! I see from the Pogo site that they've also pointed out how ... read more